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What You Need to Know

What is Sporting Clays?

Sporting Clays is a uniquely inclusive sport where men, women, boys, and girls of all ages compete together. Often adults can be found competing alongside their children or grandchildren. As a result our competitions foster a fun, family atmosphere.

Clay shooting, also known as clay target shooting or clay pigeon shooting, is a sport that simulates the hunting of birds or game by shooting clay targets propelled into the air at varying speeds and angles.

Unlike traditional shooting sports that involve stationary targets, clay shooting challenges participants to track, aim, and fire at moving targets, replicating the unpredictability and excitement of real-life hunting scenarios. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a novice shooter, clay shooting offers a dynamic and engaging experience that appeals to enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

At its core, clay shooting combines elements of focus, precision, hand-eye coordination, and timing, making it both mentally stimulating and physically rewarding. Participants must anticipate the trajectory of each clay target, adjust their aim accordingly, and execute a well-timed shot to successfully break the target—a feat that requires concentration, skill, and finesse.


Clay shooting can be enjoyed in various formats, including trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays, each offering its own unique challenges and shooting scenarios. Whether you prefer the controlled environment of a shooting range or the rugged terrain of a sporting clays course, there's no shortage of opportunities to test your skills and push your limits in the world of clay shooting.


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What is LSCA/NSCA?

The LSCA is a regional Sporting Clays association in Louisiana. The Louisiana Sporting Clays Association consists of beginner, novice, and expert shotgunners from all corners of Louisiana as well as the club owners and managers who provide us with a venue to hone our skills. Whether you are a serious competitor, staying sharp for hunting season, or just want to get the edge at your company benefit tournament - we would love to host you at a registered shoot. 

The NSCA is the largest Sporting Clays association in the world and the governing body for the sport in the U.S. We keep records of our members’ scores in competition, register shoots for the clubs and associations, hold the National Championship each year, and provide myriad awards for outstanding achievements. The NSCA governs the sport of Sporting Clays through volunteer member representatives that span geographic regions, clubs, and industry. 


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Where can I shoot?

Wherever you are in Louisiana, you aren't far from one of the fine member clubs of the Louisiana Sporting Clays Association. Whether you are an experienced shooter, new to the sport, or just passing through we invite you to visit for a round.

How does a registered event work?

Complete the necessary forms and submit them according to the payment instructions. 

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