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March 2024 Newsletter


March 2024

Upcoming Registered Shoots

(Please check before traveling)

March 2nd -- Natchitoches Sportsman's Assoc.

March 9th - Ed's Sporting Clays Range

March 15th & 16th -- Wilderness Gun Club

March 29th & 30th -- Covey Rise

What's New?


New for 2024, the LSCA Executive Committee approved the 1 in 1000 Membership drive plus a new round of Greenbacks and Buckles.

1.  With the goal of obtaining 1,000 LSCA members, flyers with preprinted Complimentary Limited Membership (CLM) forms are at all member clubs.  Early efforts to turn Hunter Class into D Class shooters is easier with preprinted CLM forms.  Many thanks to Wilderness and Ed's for pushing the new member sign up effort.  

2,  From June 1st to December 31st 2024 another round of Greenbacks and Buckles will be in place.  At the end of December, whoever breaks the most (cumulative)  targets at LSCA Registered shoots will receive either $0.06 a Registered target broken or a beautiful Trophy Buckle.  The (14) winners in all Classes and Concurrents will receive an award.   The catchphrase for this promotion is "Shoot the Boot and fill the Box" with trophy buckles.  Scott Doucet has volunteered to be the LSCA statistician and compile the number of targets broken.  (Note:  To simplify data collection, your Class will be fixed on your first LSCA Registered shoot.  Of course, concurrents don't change during the year.)  Thank you Scott.  

Also, many thanks to Gary Littlefield and John Ballance for creating the promotional material for both the 1 in 1000 Membership Drive and Greenbacks and Buckles.

And our thanks go to John Landry for framing and delivering the permanent LSCA signage to the Clubs.  

Finally, we want to welcome our new LSCA members.  The new members have already made a positive impact.  Recently, at a Registered shoot, D Class punched three deep due to the new member participation. 

The LSCA has a fun 2024 schedule and I look forward to seeing everyone at our shoots.

Have a wonderful month.

Dan Lavergne


Questions or comments, or 337-962-3822

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